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A Wide Range of Denim Fabrics for You to Choose From

Annually, a total of 1.24 billion jeans are sold by the denim industry. This statistic throws light on the fact that how much people use denim on a regular basis. However, only a few have some idea about the fabric. Through this article, you will know everything you require about the clothing and its aspects.

What is Denim?

It refers to a twill woven weave and 100% cotton textile. It consists of different colour yarns of warp and weft. Also, it is the standard raw materials for manufacturing garments, and a single colour prevails on the surface of fabric. Companies like Jeans Manufaktur use cotton for producing it, although one can also avail hemp denim.

The primary clothing created using denim is the jeans. However, one can produce things such as organic pillows and futons using denim materials.


Kinds of Denim Fabric

There are chiefly eight types of denim materials. These are below in detail.

  1. Coloured Denim – One can obtain this type of textile by the process of piece dyeing. These are woven colored denim material which is manufactured with either weft or warp dyed yarn. MAC Melanie and some other brands are famous for their coloured denim collection.
  2. Crushed Denim – In this type of material, the effect on the texture is perceived by special coupled fabric construction along with textile chemical or wet processing. An individual can further improve the effect by using bleach and stone. One weaves it with a twist over weft yarn.
  3. Bubble Gum Texture ­– Here, the denim material contains lycra which ranges from 35-50% stretch or lycra. This is quite common these days; most materials of Jeans Manufaktur consists this, as well as other jeans.
  4. Vintage Texture – This offers the people a worn out and old look. It applies cellulose enzyme or heavy stone wash with or without bleach, refers to vintage denim.
  5. Fox Fiber Denim – Companies manufacture this using cotton coloured fibre which grows naturally. Sally Fox holds a cotton breeder from California holds the patent for it.
  6. Marble Fabric – People popularly know this as acid wash. If the jeans is bleached with a strong fabric bleach, it is referred to as marble denim.
  7. Ecru Material – This fabric does not contain any dyed yarn. In warp and weft, it consists of only grey threading.
  8. Reverse Denim – Both sides of this material looks alike, be it the face or the reverse surface.

So, now that you are well aware of the different types of denim fabric you can get your hands on; make sure you choose Jeans Manufaktur that suits your needs.


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