The world through my lens


“Lose yourself within the frames of art to rediscover your soul!”

The Portrait Academy allows you to see this world through the lens of art. Our primary aim is to provide you an arena from where you can not only appreciate art in its variety of formats but also be a part of that. To enjoy this apparition that art creates – you need to understand the space within which it is created.

Our galleries are a space for you to inculcate those bounties of art which others have expressed via those frames. We provide you that domain, wherein you can both exhibit your piece and jointly revel in the glory of these timeless pieces.

There’s more than those galleries:

Our initiatives in The Portrait Academy include – introducing children to this fascinating world of art and help them realize their potential in this domain. Not just sketching! Our experts aim to provide knowledge in terms of color painting apart from the regular charcoal and pencil figures.

We also provide you an opportunity with the lenses, helping you capture those fleeting moments of time within the four shots of the camera. Our experts are there to guide you at every step and ensure that you view this world in a unique way.

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