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D bol side affects you should know before consumption!

Working out in gyms for hours, running or walking everyday and even picking up strength training – people strive to build up their body today for a better look and a healthy body. In the process of building up a healthy body it is very essential to develop a good muscle mass and improve one’s metabolism. While regular activities are sure to affect the health of the body positively a lot of people today rely on dbol for their nourishment and faster growth of muscle mass and metabolism. No matter how good effect it provides it comes with a list of side-effects too.

D bol side effects for men and women

The consumption of dbol is known to instill a good muscle mass at a very fast rate. Therefore mostly the men who are body building enthusiasts or are into workout routines are in the habit of its consumption on a regular basis. The women too try the same for metabolism and even for weight training – but D bol side effects is known to harm them big time if not taken care of!

d bol side effects

D bol side effects:

  • For women dbol is known to be harmful in ways like:
    • Making voice coarse
    • Changes the facial features
    • Brings in more body hair
    • Enlarges the clitoris
    • Virilization
  • For men it is known to harm body big time
    • The production of testosterone is stopped
    • It converts the testosterone (male hormones) into estrogen (female hormones) which causes men to develop man boobs
    • Dehydration
    • Indigestion

Take necessary precautions to control side effects

To control the D bol side effects one should not take in unlimited amounts and strictly follow what the doctor advises. It is also safe to drink plenty of water and stay away from alcohol to maintain a good health!

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