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Finding the Perfect Fit of Jeans from a Jeans-Manufaktur

When it comes to buying the perfect pair of jeans from a Jeans-Manufaktur, there are quite a lot of things you need to consider. One of the most important things is the fitting of the jeans. Moreover, in order to know that, there are a few more characteristics you have to know about. Therefore, here are some of the factors, which play a role in measuring the size of the jeans you should be purchasing.

Factors to Consider

The thing about any type of clothing is that it largely depends on the type of body you have. As such, your body type will play the biggest role in determining the size of your jeans.

  • Height

If you are vertically challenged, you should avoid wearing jeans that are wide around the waist. Instead, find ones that are thinner on the waist and are skinnier on the legs. This will help you look taller, since the jeans fit your body perfectly. For those below 5’4’’, you should avoid wearing boot cut jeans completely. Also, make sure to not wear MAC Melanie (or any other brand) cuffs.

MAC Melanie

  • Tummy Problems

If you are someone suffering from a bit of fat accumulation, chances are your tummy is sticking out a bit. In such a case, the best advice would be to hit the gym! However, if you are intent on keeping that figure, try something stretchy and not too tight. Avoid wearing jeans that have pleats. A boot cut can help balance your image.

  • Butt Sizes

While this may sound hilarious, there are plenty of people who are unable to buy a proper product from their Jeans-Manufaktur simply because they are not considering this factor. For those who have a bigger butt, try finding something with a proper rise. For those who do not, you are looking for jeans with flap pockets or higher back pockets.

If you are looking to make a costly purchase, like a Levi’s or a Denim or a MAC Melanie, make sure that you keep all of the above things in mind.

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