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Fun Games You can try with Best RC Cars Under $100

Do you love to play drive RC Cars? If yes, then there is a list of fun activities which you can try with best rc car under $100. These games are best for killing time and relaxing. Though everyone knows about the racing and taking part in the competition, there are also different games which provide ample fun when with friends.

best rc cars under 100

So, without waiting anymore look at some of these games:

  • RC Bowling
  • Stunt Competitions
  • RC Soccer

Let’s look at these games in detail!

  1. RC Bowling

It is similar to bowling. The only difference is that an individual needs to use remote control cars instead of bowling balls. One would require ten plastic pins set at a distance. Make sure the lane on which the miniature vehicle will run is long enough to gain speed. Once this is set, people can enjoy RC bowling with friends and family.

  1. Stunt Competition

A number of ramps in an open space along with tape for measuring and boundary markers will do the trick. Now depending on the people playing the types of tricks can be set. It can range from reverse, 180’s to jumps and wheelies. Whoever does the craziest stunts flawlessly gathers maximum points.

  1. RC Car Soccer

Like every football ground has two goalposts for two teams, here also one would require creating two posts using traffic cones or rocks. With the help of a rope or spray paint, an individual can create a boundary. The objective is to score more goals than the other team.

These three games are quite common among the RC enthusiast. However, there are other games also which one can try like RC painting competition where one people need to draw maneuvering the cars which would have paint on their tires.

Get one of the best rc cars under 100and start enjoying such fun and relaxing activities with family and friends.


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