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Know about Marijuana and How Its Users can Ace Drug Tests

People these days use drugs like marijuana predominantly. However, they always fear getting caught due to different tests which employers conduct these days before hiring any new staff or conduct random tests if there is any suspicion. To understand how to pass such tests one should know about marijuana in detail. Then, one would quickly get the picture on how to ace these tests even if someone has used it occasionally.

Take a close look at the details of cannabis as explained by Weed In my pocket.

What is marijuana?

It refers to a psychoactive drug which is from cannabis plant that people use for medical as well as recreational use. The primary ingredient or chemical in this drug is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. An individual can smoke or vape it, use in food preparation or also use it as an extract. People also know it as hashish, kif, ganja, dope, pot grass, Mary Jane, etc.

Which components do experts try to detect in the tests?

When a person goes through different procedures of examination, the component THC shows that whether they have an intake of grass or not. THC generally resides in the hair follicle, urine, saliva and blood after consumption of grass. Hence, employers tend to opt for these tests for his/her employees.

How to avoid detection?

Professionals implement these tests; hence, skipping these without any trace after using pot is not easy. However, following the ways set by weedinmypocket one can ace tests without breaking a sweat.

Weed In my pocket

  • Saliva test

Having a specially produced gum or mouthwash is the ideal way to beat this test. Rinsing the mouth or using gum, masks the toxins for half an hour. Moreover, this test, if done within 24 hours of consumption, only then one has to worry about.

  • Urine test

If you have to undergo a urine examination then depending on the situation an individual requires taking these steps. One can either opt for detox drinks for clearing the system or use synthetic urine depending on the person.

  • Blood test

One would require ingesting pills to hide toxins like THC in blood when one needs to take an examination. A week is all one needs before the test to flush out his/her system and have no visible toxins in the blood.

  • Testing hair follicle

Just three words – “drug detox shampoo”. Washing hair with such shampoos is more than enough for one to pass the test easily.

Now, that you know how these tests can be aced, you can visit to understand these in-depth and learn more on ways to escape from such examinations.


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