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Know about Single & Blended Beans before BuyingOrganic Fair Trade Coffee

A hot cup of coffee is all one needs to have a great start to the day. It is the ultimate way of feeling refreshed after waking up early morning. However, before purchasing organic fair trade coffee,there area few things to know including single and blended coffee which will help one enjoy the perfect brew.

organic Fair Trade coffee

Coffee of Single Origin

As the name suggests, it means the coffee beans come from just a single place, usually from a certain country or a specific region. Harvesting of such beans may happen from the same estate or firm. Also, due to its origination from a single source, it is exclusively available at a particular time of the year.

Blended Coffee Beans

Roasting and mixing of coffee beans together from several locations are known as coffee blend. It is a standard process where the beans may be from nine distinct places. However, roaster uses beans primarily from 2-4 separate locations.

Mainly, two differences occur between these two products when purchasing organic fair trade coffee:

  • Availability and Cost

Single origin products are more expensive than blended ones. The reason for this is availability and the variance in growing season. These are seasonal and production is less. This is why the amount one needs to pay for this is higher.

However, blended coffee uses different beans and can be produced during the entire year. This is why; it costs less than the other ones.

  • Taste

When it comes to this beverage,people who are experts often seem to enjoy a cup of single origin coffee. It helps in experiencing a single taste in its ultimate form. However, people who fancy a cup of creamy cappuccino or a latte mostly opt for blended coffee beans.

Opt for the option which creates the best feeling and rejuvenates your day. Be it single origin or blended, know the product before buying fair trade organic coffee.

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