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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

~Thomas Merton

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We provide our pupils with all support and coaching to help them enhance their drawing skills. We help them realize which type of artist they want to be and accordingly help them get there eventually.


Not everyone is interested in pencil, charcoal etc drawing. Some people want to fill color in everything they do. For people who would like to get their hands dirty to make something beautiful. Sculpting, body art etc are covered under this.


Not everyone is good with a pencil or a brush and art isn't limited to drawing, painting or sculpting. We help photographers in understanding the basic of photography and help them find what type of photography they are passionate about and proceed with the coaching accordingly.

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Why Children should be Encouraged to Take up Painting as a Hobby?

Having art as your hobby can greatly enrich a child’s life. It can be valuable skills and can help them stress relief. Above of all this is a source of fun for them. However, many children are willing to take up painting as their hobby. It is a great learning painting.

It is not just a hobby they can also pursue it as a subject for higher studies. They can also make their career in this field. Parents should children should encourage to take up painting as a hobby. Some parents feel reluctant to support their children in taking up painting as a hobby.

They feel it will have an effect on their studies.  It is always a topic of debate whether children should be encouraged for taking up painting or not. Parents should encourage their children to paint. Many researchers have proved that encouraging children for taking up painting can help them in many ways.

Let’s find out how taking up painting as a hobby can help your child.

A way to express

When children reach a certain age, they talk less at home or stop interesting with parents. It is a common problem that many parents are facing. Sometimes it becomes difficult for parents to figure out whether their children are going through hard times or doing well.

Painting will provide them a way to express their happiness, sorrows, fears as well as their hardships. It will not only help them in expressing themselves but also provide parents an opportunity to know what their children.

A way to relieve stress

These days, children are having a lot of stress. They are stressing up because of the pressure doing well in every field. They need to get rid of this stress, or they will break down. Taking up painting as a hobby can be a great way to relieve their stress.

They can also have some fun and rejuvenate their energy to study more efficiently. You can go through online websites to know more about the benefit of taking up painting as a hobby.

Should Everyone be Able to Draw with Proper Coaching?

Drawing is an enjoyable thing everyone from kids to adult enjoy doing it. It is known as one of the great hobby. Many people want to adopt this as their hobbies. Many people wonder whether they can be able to draw or not.

A lot of people wonder whether are be able to learn drawing if they have proper coaching. They believe that if they can take proper lessons hey can be able to draw. As everyone knows it well that good guidance can lead a person to success.

Still, many people doubt will they be able to draw with proper coaching even if they don’t have the skills. Let’s find out what a person need to draw properly or should everyone be able to draw properly with guidance.

  • Skills

Skills are very important if you are willing to take up art forms like drawing or painting. Art is a form that can be not be done just because you want to do it. It requires a bit spark in you that can help you in pursuing it.

  • Dedication

Even if people don’t have skills in drawing with dedication they can succeed. People who don’t have skills feel that they can attempt drawing or painting. However, if you have dedication that you want to learn drawing you can learn it with proper coaching and guidance.

  • Patience

Even though you have proper coaching and guidance you need patience to learn something. Drawing is something that needs patience to learn. You can learn it instantly. You have to follow your teacher and his guidance patiently. This is the only way for you to be able to learn drawing.

You can go through to know more about drawings and painting. It will help you in achieving your goal of being able to draw.

Therefore one can visit sites like to have a in-depth knowledge about drawing and painting.

How Difficult is it to Learn any Art Form?

Learning any art form is looking to be a difficult task. No matter what people say about learning art forms, but it is indeed a difficult task. Many people have spent their life in mastering these skills. For many people it is the result of their dedication.

It is true that learning an art form is difficult, but it is not impossible. Even people having skills can’t learn some of these art forms. Sometimes, even people don’t have any skill can learn it. You must be wondering how it is possible.


Even though it sounds impossible or a joke, but it is possible. Let’s find out what makes learning an art form difficult. At the same time let’s see how people can go through these difficulties and succeed in achieving their goals.

  • Skill

The key to learn any art form is a skill. If you want to learn singing you need to have a good voice. If you want to be a dancer you need to have a flexible body. If you want to be a painter you need good drawing skill or good imagination.

If you don’t have skilled it will be extremely difficult for you to learn any art form. You can’t succeed if you don’t have the key aspect in you. Skills play a great role in mastering any art form.

  • Dedication

Another key aspect that makes learning any art form difficult is dedication.  You have skills, but you don’t have dedication in learning an art form, then you won’t be able to learn it. Dedication is equally important like skills whether you are learning dance or singing.

Even if you lack in skills your dedication can lead you to success. If you have both skills and dedication you can achieve anything in your life. If you have the skills and you dedication then you can learn any art form even if it is difficult.

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