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Send Christmas Gift Ideas for Hone Décor Along with the Gifts!

Have you ever thought this way before? Like, when you are gifting someone anything, you must have certain ideas in mind, right? Then why not send some Christmas gift ideas, say, for decoration or reuse too wrapped inside the gift! Imagine how convenient and unique it would be.

Can’t figure out how to go about it? Relax. Here are some helpful tips!

  • A champagne bottle-

During Christmas, anyone would like to receive a bottle of good champagne or fine wine. You must have planned getting a few bottles for your parents, friends, husband or wife. There is a great thing you can implement here.

Grab a cup of coffee and read along!

Wrap the bottle with an attractive glittering paper. Inside it, place a few chits on how the person can make interesting home decors with the empty bottle latter.

Christmas gift ideas-1


Fairy lights look mind blowing if coiled inside a beautiful glass bottle. Collect  some ideas about bottle lights from the internet and write them down on a few chits. I’m sure they will love spending some quality time during the winter holidays creating interesting DIYs with the bottle instead of dumping them in the bin the next morn!


Empty glass bottles make a great canvas to play with colours. In fact, if there are young teens at home, they can really make some productive bottle art with glass colours and use them to decorate the house!

  • A scarf-

Scarves are absolutely in to make style statements! But, did you know that scarves are not just to be wrapped around? One can make totes out of it, without using scissors and needles, of course. So, when you are presenting someone a scarf, you can also lend them these unique ideas. How? Read below.


There are innumerable videos and instructions available online on how to fold and tie a scarf into a shopping bag! It’s easy, unique and creative. The best part is you will not find a single person on road or in campus with a similar bag!


Two or more scarves together can make for amazing home decors! Tie a few printed scarves in pattern and hang them along mono hued drapes. It will change the whole appearance of the room.

Aren’t these interesting? Moreover, these are also a very handy approach for those looking for unique Christmas gift ideas. So what if your Christmas gifts are not exclusive, your way of gifting will be exceptional for sure!

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