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Should an Online Web Design Tutorial be Live or Previously Recorded?

Online web design tutorials are of great help if you want to get into the world of designing attractive websites. It is also an effective way to brush up their skills for someone familiar with designing.

These video tutorials can be of two kinds. They can either be broadcast live as the teacher teaches. Alternatively they can be recorded in isolation with the teacher interacting only with the camera at the moment of recording.

Tutorials that are broadcast live have multiple benefits over previously recorded videos. These have much greater scope for teacher-student interaction and immediate clearing of doubts.

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The way a live broadcast class works is that all attendees need to sign up for it after which they will be added to the event. Once the class commences, it mirrors an actual classroom environment where the teacher and student can communicate. This allows the students to immediately ask their questions and clear the doubts simultaneously at the time of learning.

A live class can also branch out instinctively into something else on the basis of a student’s question. A design tutorial then can suddenly become a PHP tutorial for all students, and that’s perfectly alright.

However, one benefit of a previously recorded session over a live one is the fact that students can then process the information at their own individual pace.

This makes sense for a class on web development since it requires practical work on the student’s part. A student watching a recorded video can pause it and find out whether he’s able to apply the same concepts.

One must also consider the situation from a teacher’s point of view. While some teachers thrive in the company of students, some others find it easier to teach by themselves.

At the end of the day, web design tutorials being taught live or being recorded previously are secondary factors. The primary factor should always remain quality of the material.

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