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Take a Look at the Brief History and Evolution of RC Cars

Today’s best RC cars under 100 may come with an intimidating look and superior performance, but back in the early days, the scene was completely different.

The origin of remote controlled cars began with model cars in the earliest of days, which gradually laid down the path to today’s toys.

Early Model Cars

Back in 1920s, clockwork cars were available abundantly as children’s toys; this, later on, became part of racing that was organized by the Model Car Racing Association in 1936.

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By 1940s, in the US, tethered cars running on petrol engines started to race in circular tracks. Tether car racing became an instant hit in this period and continued to grow exponentially.

1960s and Inception

1960s was the time when RC cars made their first appearance. ElettronicaGiocattoli, an Italian company, was first to incept a remote-controlled car in 1966 with a Ferrari 250LM. In 1968, they launched their second RC car, a Ferrari P4.

During 1968, RC car racing turned into a national competition with events held throughout the United States.

The British government also began importing these cars during this time, upon which few companies also joined in on manufacturing them.


By the 1970s, various British companies were taking part in manufacturing these cars. During these times, RC cars available primarily had an aluminum frame that housed a combustible engine. These cars used elements like methanol and nitrogen as blended fuel in them.

In 1974, Tamiya, a Japanese company launched their Porsche 934 Jagermeister, the first full-fledged electric remote controlled car.

Moving from national championships, world championships originated with the first one being held in Geneva in 1979.


World championships became an even grander event during this time. 1985 set forth the beginning of the International Federation of Model Auto Racing (IFMAR).

Leaving 2-wheel drive behind, 4-wheel drive came to make headlines in these races which were the earliest models of today’s best RC car under $100. During 1988, these cars had almost replaced their predecessors and became one of the major collector’s items.

1988 was also the year when RC cars made their debut in Hollywood with the movie The Dead Pool featuring Clint Eastwood.

1990s – till date

Since 1990s, numerous companies began sprouting that offered more features than the others. With the inception of the internet, popularity and availability of these cars increased tenfold.

The above included in brief the history and evolution of today’s best RC cars under 100. These cars still continue to evolve and now also come in forms of semi-trucks, excavators, heavy-duty bulldozers, and more.


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