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The Truth about Weight Loss Supplements

Anyone who has watched TV has seen at least one advertisement for weight loss pills. Those blatant claims of “eat all you want,” “no need to exercise” and still lose weight with just a magic pill is not accurate all the time.

According to Steven Heymsfield, a professor of medicine at Columbia University and deputy director of New York Obesity Research Center say that there’s no scientific proof that the pills work. Does that mean thousands of users who are regularly posting on the internet like all those PhenQ reviews, are lying?

All just a myth?

Most of them advertise themselves as fat burners. They are normally herb-derived stimulants like caffeine and ephedrine. They are supposed to increase energy while stimulating fat burning.

Most experts agree that they do help burn more fat with some exercise. However, they cause elevated heart rate, posing a threat to people with a heart condition.

Products like PhenQ announce it right in their box labels that their product is not suitable for people with a heart condition. Other than that, users do give positive reviews from their caffeine-infused ingredients.

Phenq reviews

Dangers of medications

A lot of weight loss pills contain chitosan. Supposedly, it binds with the fat you consume and keeps it from being digested. While there may be evidence that it helps from absorbing dietary fat, it’s in too small quantity to be of any real change.

The real danger of chitosan is that it prevents your body from absorbing fat-soluble nutrients. That means the essential phytochemicals, vitamin A, D, that are in so many fruits and vegetables are not being absorbed in your body. Although some products like the PhenQdoesn’t use any of those, a few weight loss pills still include them as an active ingredient.

But it’s not just the pills.

Essential fatty acids like CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and flax seed oil show the same result in combination with garlic extracts. They increase muscle mass and burn fat. Scientists are also getting results that show it relieves a lot of adverse effects.

Bottom line

Weight loss pills are expensive, and the return might not be good enough. Doctors still recommend a balanced, low-fat diet and aerobic exercise every day as the most effective weight reducing technique. But if you do one to try any, choose one with positive users like you can find with PhenQ reviews to buy and do merge that with an exercise routine for maximum effectiveness.

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